Letter: Cats should be licenced in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “No-kill cat shelter makes no sense,” Letters, Aug. 8. “Letter writer’s comments ‘hurtful’ to animal society,” Letters, Aug. 1

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While I agree with Mr. Bennett regarding the licensing of cats (I believe all domestic animals should be accounted for), I also agree with Ms. Nicholson on the matter of Mr. Bennett’s misinformation.  

The shelter needs to be able to accept and sterilize all unwanted or stray cats to avoid population surges to nuisance levels.  (Look at the rabbits.)

The taxpayers are only obligated to fund animal control, not animal rescue. The city will not keep the unadopted cats. Rather than euthanize, the shelter contractors opt to send them to the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, which is funded by donations, not taxpayers. 

Sorelle Saidman


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