Letter: Candidate no-shows for Richmond debate insult voters

Dear Editor,

Hoping to hear from local candidates running in the upcoming federal election, my husband and I attended the Oct. 8 “All-Candidates Meeting” — a misnomer at best.

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Neither Alice Wong nor Kenny Chiu were present: nothing less than a disrespectful “meh” to all those in attendance.

Why were the Conservative candidates not there to address the audience (voters), answer questions and clarify concerns? Are the citizens of Richmond, the very people they wish to represent in Parliament, not worthy of their time and attention?

Is Alice Wong (an MP since 2008) so confident of her re-election that she can simply not attend? Participatory democracy requires exactly that, participation.

Debbie Pawluk


Editor’s note: Also absent from the debate was Steven Kou (Lib.) Dustin Innis (NDP-due to illness) Nicole Iaci (Green)


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