Letter: Bus bonus backfires in Richmond

Dear Editor,

As many are aware, TransLink recently made some huge changes to the bus systems in Richmond. Their intentions were good, but they seem to have done more damage than good, and have upset a lot of commuters.

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In a nutshell, the 410 bus route that went from Steveston to New Westminster via Railway Avenue, Granville Avenue, No. 3 Road, Cambie Road, and down the highway was split up into two routes: the 406 and the 410. This was an attempt to make the route more reliable with less delays. In reality, however, it has inconvenienced many commuters, and resulted in often longer waits than before due to the need to transfer busses.

The 410 is still just as unreliable as ever, so transferring doesn’t sync up nicely. For those who live on the new 406 route, the change has effectively added time to their commute, unless they are only bussing to Richmond centre.

There is a petition that was recently started. It hasn’t gotten much exposure as of yet, however it does sum up the problems and possible solutions quite nicely. Here it is: Change.org/p/TransLink-Richmond-410-bus-split-reform.

 If you are affected by this, give TransLink a call. They are receptive to feedback, and have reverted changes in the past after enough complaints.

Robbie Perry


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