Letter: Bitten on an on-leash area in Richmond, but why?

Dear Editor,

This morning (April 26) I was out for my usual early morning run. It was a beautiful spring morning as I was running through London Landing on the gravel path.

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As I approached, from behind, a woman walking her two dogs, she finally realized I was behind and she turned and put up her hand and said, “stop!”


“Let me get my two dogs (unleashed in an on-leash area)under control,” she said.

But it was too late for that! They quickly surrounded me and started trying to bite my legs. I attempted to protect myself by kicking at them, while she yelled, “yes, kick them.”

She also called their names, trying to get them under control. When she finally had them under control, by which time she was laying on her back from falling over while trying to contain them, I looked down at my leg and realized one of the dogs had bitten me and broke the skin, as blood was running down my leg.

While the woman did apologize, why does she seem to think it’s OK to let two dogs run around off-leash when she obviously knows they will go after people?

So much for enjoying my peaceful early morning, early spring run.....take your dogs to off-leash parks, or keep them on leashes!

Drew Rickard


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