Letter: BC Liberals' bridge trumps our children

Dear Editor,

Re: “Bridge to bring safety, prosperity,” Guest shot, Sept. 14.

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John Yap’s argument for the George Massey Tunnel Replacement project is that it will bring safety and prosperity by providing a variety of contruction jobs, as well as eliminating the seismically vulnerable tunnel.

My question is, wouldn’t seismically upgrading schools in the Lower Mainland also provide construction jobs, as well as making where children spend a quarter of their day actually safe?

For the BC Liberals, it appears commuter safety trumps children’s safety.

I am also confused by his assertion that the bridge will “alleviate the biggest bottleneck in British Columbia.”

My understanding is that many mayors of communities affected by this tunnel have made their concerns known that, in actual fact, the bottleneck will simply happen farther north along the highway. I think any commuter along this corridor would tell you the same thing.

Will the BC Liberals be replacing the Oak Street Bridge next? Likely not, as large freighters are not needed along the north arm of the Fraser.

Our provincial government needs to stop saying one thing and then doing the other.

They need to stop treating us like we can be fooled by this “jobs and efficiency” rhetoric. They hold consultations, and ignore people’s concerns.

They establish committees of experts, and ignore their advice. They move forward on outdated, unnecessary, irreversibly damaging projects for which they are sued, but continue anyway in the hopes of getting so far ahead it would be more expensive to quit, even if they are found to be in the wrong. For them, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

But they never do ask for forgiveness. And we, as British Columbians, need to hold them accountable.

Accountable for child poverty in this province and for chronic underfunding of a host of social programs, including education.

The BC Liberal government cares not for the people of this province and they care not about making hard decisions. They care only about being re-elected.

Amy Brooks


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