Letter: Axed Richmond school will return

Dear Editor,

Re: “School’s out...,” News, July 11.

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Sea Island elementary is once again on the chopping block.

Of course, we who live in the island community of Burkeville oppose this closure. However, we are in a fight we cannot win.

With declining enrolment, exponential metropolitan growth on the south side of the Fraser and a school board administration set on amalgamation and adult education (not to mention great park and fly revenues), we are the losers in this David and Goliath battle.

Communication has been sparse and the courage to engage the neighbourhood is non-existent, despite years of advocacy and calls for innovative thinking and creativity.

There have been many ideas proposed, including choice programs like French or Montessori; partnerships with other educational organizations or, heaven forbid, moving children from massive schools to the hamlet of Sea Island. Well, these ideas, we are told, simply don’t make sense; they are not seen as “progress.”

Board trustees will come and go, as will superintendents, good and bad, governments, policies and financial crisis.

Fundamentally, people want the best for their neighbours, families and their children.

As time passes and administrative priorities change, a new generation will look at the discarded jewel of Sea Island elementary and, like a phoenix, it will rise again.

Broek Bosma


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