Letter: Airbnbs thriving in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Despite our city bylaws which prohibit short-term rentals such as Airbnbs, hundreds of illegal rentals are still being run all across our city.

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Not only are these “hosts” not paying taxes on the income they are making, but they are also bringing traffic and strangers into quiet residential neighbourhoods.

What I don’t fully understand is why the city, in particular, Malcolm Brodie and other long-serving councillors, aren’t fighting to crackdown on this illegal behaviour.

This is something that the city CAN control. It could not be easier to identify the home owners violating these laws and hand out heavy fines.

Enforcement officers just need to do a search on the Airbnb website and, boom! A list of offenders! It’s not rocket science. There is no excuse for turning a blind eye.

The city has the means to take an aggressive proactive approach like this to target illegal rentals. I know I speak for many when I say enough is enough with this city’s indifference to preserving our neighbourhoods.

Katy Rogers


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