Letter: 2,000 reasons to worry in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Hoping for better,” Letters, July 26.

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Thank you, Andrea Chan. I, for one, did not know about the redevelopment of the Sears store in Richmond Centre and I’m  dismayed to hear about 2,000 condo units are going in that location.

While I can appreciate your concern about underground parking, I imagine that the engineers and architects will manage the construction effectively for our unique and our silt-based island.

However, 2,000 condo units will probably mean 2,000 more cars!

I worry about the density of our community and the loss of small businesses and affordable houses.

Traffic issues continue to get worse. I daren’t go near the city centre after 2 p.m.  if I can help it, as Richmond is becoming a driver’s nightmare.

My “hoping for better” is more investment in seniors housing and support for care-givers looking after seniors at home.

Kimberley Evans


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