Let's be inclusive by including English

Open letter to city council,

As a long time resident of Richmond, I am shocked and dismayed that you would so quickly dismiss and not address a valid petition to look into and address the proliferation of signs with no English on them.

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I agree that businesses should be able to display their language of choice most prominently, but as English is one of our two official languages, either English or French should be displayed as well.

Richmond prides itself on being an "inclusive" city, but the English language is not being "included" on many signs!

One of my main concerns, and it is a point that was brought up a number of years ago, is in the case of emergencies.

With no visible English, our paramedics and fire fighters, even regular citizens, have a much more difficult job in identifying locations.

For all Richmond residents to be included, our English language needs to also be included! Cathy Pope Richmond

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