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The Editor,

Re: "A rabbit's tale, minus the fluff," Letters, Sep. 23.

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Some of you may recall the letter I wrote to the Richmond News several weeks ago, in which I spoke about the hardships and struggles of the local discarded pet rabbits in Minoru Park.

Well, this Thanksgiving was a dreary, cold, wet one and these same rabbits I visited today in the park were a soggy, hungry bunch. They eagerly ate up the carrots, lettuce and rabbit food I brought for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Sadly, not much for them to be thankful for.

However, for one rabbit in particular it turned out to be a very special day.

That rabbit is the injured eye rabbit I told you about. He is the one who can only see out of one eye, as his other eye is swollen and infected.

That rabbit and myself are giving thanks this year to a lovely rabbit rescuer named Krystal.

In spite of the cold and the rain, Krystal happily came over to the park on Thanksgiving to try and catch this little wounded rabbit.

Was it that the circumstances on this dismal day were ideal for rabbit catching? Was it that a higher power was looking down favourably on this little rabbit today? Or was it that Krystal has the special gift of being a true "rabbit whisperer"?

Whatever it was, the rabbit with the injured eye was finally caught! And this little rabbit gets to spend his Thanksgiving night safe and secure, resting comfortably in a warm, dry bed with plenty of food to eat. After that, this little rabbit will be receiving medical attention, courtesy of another friend of rabbits, Dr. Martinez of Little Paws Animal Clinic.

Then, finally, he'll be back to stay again with his special friend, Krystal.

So for me, this Thanksgiving, I'm feeling most thankful that there are wonderful people out there like Krystal and all the other rabbit rescuers who care enough to try and help this little rabbit.

So, in the end, he was able to have a very special Thanksgiving of his own.

I am reminded of some very wise words written by an unknown author:

"Saving just one animal won't change the world, but surely the world will change for that one animal."

Cindy Howard Richmond

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