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Letters: Why do I need to pay for more firefighters?

A Richmond News reader wants to know why they are paying more taxes for more firefighters
richmond city hall
Richmond City Hall

Dear Editor,

I was aghast on finding out about taxes this year, up more than seven per cent.

Unlike earlier years, the attached pamphlet didn’t mention tax increases at all. They must have been ashamed of their own doing.

The only explanation, “Your taxes at work:”  16 new RCMP officers and 12 firefighters. Increased police force one can swallow with difficulty given the added demands on law enforcement; but more firefighters, what is the rationale?

Don’t count on me voting for any of the incumbents at the next election.

Harjinder S. Gill


*Editor’s note: The overall tax increase in Richmond was 5.68 per cent, but each tax bill depends on the property’s assessment.