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Letters: Why are creosote-laden structures allowed to leak into Fraser River?

A Richmond News reader is calling for 'greater corporate responsibility.'
The Marpole Bridge is a decommissioned trestle bridge that was on fire on Thursday night.

Dear Editor,

Re: "Update: Firefighters battle Richmond trestle bridge fire until early morning (Video)"

It is unfortunate that abandoned or derelict structures such as the old CPR railroad bridge across the North Arm of the Fraser River are just allowed to sit leaking their creosote toxins into the river and continue to harm the environment and interfere with recreational and commercial use of the river or any other area.

All such old creosote structures pose a real fire risk to society.

It would show greater corporate responsibility if the owners of these structures showed a higher degree of stewardship by cleaning up their mess once the structure is of no value to our society.   

Otto Langer


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