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Letters: We need to hear from everyone, including the anti-vaxxers

A Richmond News reader, although being vaccinated herself, doesn't think those opposed to it should be kept silent

Dear Editor,

Re: “Anti-vaxxers should not be given a voice,” Letters, Sept. 30.

This reader thinks the Richmond News should exclude the voice of those who are against  the COVID vaccination.

I am sure this reader knows, as Canadians, we are promised our rights when we swear to become a Canadian citizen and swear to be a responsible citizen.  

This reader should know we have the right to freedom of speech, we have the right to make our choices to live as a responsible citizen.

Those who are against the COVID vaccination have their right to choose what they believe in and voice what they think. One cannot exclude them in anyway. We need to hear from everyone.

I believe most of them have a valid reason for not agreeing to the COVID vaccination. They should not be judged.

I got vaccinated earlier this year as I worked in health care, long before the vaccination was mandated for healthcare workers.

Some of my co-workers and I were uncertain of its long-term side effects, and we still are. But, we took the vaccination because it is our moral obligation. If I didn’t have to take the jab, I wouldn’t.

During the pandemic, we should work together to support everyone instead of antagonizing each other.

I would like to applaud the News for including the voice of everyone in the community of Richmond.

Catherine Yau