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Letters: Time for Mr. Chiu to move along

A Richmond News reader is tired of the excuses coming from former MP Kenny Chiu
Parm Bains Kenny Chiu election night
Liberal candidate Parm Bains (left) beat Steveston-Richmond East incumbent Conservative Kenny Chiu (right)

Dear Editor,

Re: “Former Richmond MP says he was portrayed as anti-Chinese during election,” News, Sept. 30.

Kenny Chiu should have concentrated on representing Steveston-Richmond East instead of special interest groups.

As a result of Mr. Chiu’s incompetence, he lost the election from which he should move on.

Another point in Mr. Chiu’s election loss was that his staff had always been unhelpful when I had contacted them regarding issues.

I congratulate Mr. Bains on garnering the votes to win this election. Hopefully Mr. Bains will be more accessible than Mr. Chiu.

Mahmood Awan