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Letters: There’s no free ride for EV drivers

A Richmond News reader says an EV owner should be responsible for the electricity his car consumes.
One of the other tenants at the Riverport Flats building is still charging up his vehicle

Dear Editor,

Re: “Richmond EV owner ordered to unplug vehicle,” online, July 21.

I read your article about the person living in a complex in Richmond and plugging in his car, and the prejudice he feels. 

Why should the other tenants/owners pay to fuel his car? The complex should charge each tenant who needs to plug in their car a monthly surcharge on their rent. I drive a gasoline powered vehicle, and I have to pay for my own fuel.

People who chose to drive EVs need to start paying for the electricity they consume. Do these people not understand how electricity is produced — the cost of supply, the cost of the infrastructure?

Life is not a free ride.

T. Pope