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Letters: Thanks for featuring my brother in the News - twice

Letter writer is 'reluctantly' awaiting digital version of the Richmond News.
Judo veterans (from left) Rick Yodogawa, Jim Kojima ad Alan Sakai were inducted into the Richmond Sporting Wall of Fame in 2017.

Dear Editor,

My brother, Ricky Yodogawa was featured in the Richmond News, twice…

He was interviewed by Mr. Alan Campbell regarding his time in the Greenwood Internment during the Second World War evacuation of my Canadian-born Japanese parents.

The second time, in the Richmond News, when he was honoured to be inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

To this day, at 77 years of age, Ricky still volunteers his skills and knowledge of judo, to the up and coming youth.

We, as a family, are so proud of his accomplishments in the Steveston community.

Then, myself, I was representing the SOS Thrift Shop in their 50th anniversary by modelling with others.

The SOS Thrift Shop assists many underprivileged and needy youngsters.

I, and others, shall certainly miss holding and reading the much awaited Richmond News that made its way, by the wonderful persons who saw to its delivery, to the many awaiting households.

So, now, as a 75-year-old, lucky enough to own and use my iPad and iPhone, I shall reluctantly await my first digital, Richmond News.

Patsi Yodogawa-Wood


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