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Letters: Take a moment to admire the snow geese

A Richmond News reader encourages others to take in a 'wonder of nature'
Snow geese garry point park
Snow geese at Garry Point Park in Richmond

Dear Editor,

This time of year is your chance to look up and see Richmond’s special wonder of nature.

The snow geese are returning in huge numbers in our skies.

Rarely do people look up, so do it. See the geese that have travelled from Wrangell Island off the north coast of Russia to spend their winter with us.

Then there are the small flocks of majestic trumpeter swans, which come from their summer homes of northern BC.

They glide over Richmond all winter making soft gentle sounds calling to each other.

These birds have a wing span larger than the eagle.

Pause in your day and look up. Take a breath and wonder. 

Steffany Walker