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Letters: Support local news in Richmond

Letter writer encourages readers to sign up for daily Richmond News newsletter.
Richmond News has gone fully digital after 45 years of publishing.

Dear Editor,

A free and independent press is a hallmark of democracy. Whether or not you like the specific coverage on this or that story, our democracy needs impartial journalists who aim to bring us the facts in an impartial manner. Local news matters because all news begins as local news.

Richmond residents, I hope we will all sign up for the weekly or daily email about the paper and actively check out the online edition of the Richmond News so that our local digital news outlet remains viable.

In this age of increased political polarization, when an agreement on the “facts” is hard to find, I hope we will support our local news outlet in trying to present an objective picture of local events.

So, sign up for the email newsletter. Support our local news as only individuals can!

Ingrid Veilleux


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