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Letters: Stop dumping stuff by the Fraser River

A Richmond News reader found what looked like shredded plastic near the Richmond waterfront.
A Richmond News reader was wondering what had been dumped near the Fraser River and how it could affect fish and birds.

Dear Editor,

Today Saturday, March 30 at the south end of Gilbert at the dyke, I found this pile of what looks like shredded plastic. 

My question is why? Why dump stuff at the dyke?

If it is plastic, it will degrade into micro-plastic pieces that animals ingest. Plastic in their gut can kill them and travel up the food chain.

We eat animals that eat plastic, so we can end up eating the plastic too. I wonder what it will do to our bodies? 

If the dumped stuff is rice noodles, again why? 

Rice will swell in bird stomachs and is not good for them. They have plenty of natural food to eat. 

Please don’t dump anything at the edge of the water!

Allisa Ritchie


P.S. I collected it in a box I found and threw as much of it out as I could. 

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