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Letters: Steveston speeds not a concern

A Richmond News reader feels speeding is not an issue on Steveston Highway, despite opinions to the contrary
A Richmond News reader wants the RCMP to set up a dragnet for speeders on Steveston Highway

Dear Editor,

Re: “Fines could pay off,” Letters, March 25

As a Steveston resident, Steveston Highway is my main thoroughfare in the city. 

It is rare to see anyone doing 80 kilometres per hour on the highway, never mind 90 kilometres per hour. 

Obviously, anyone at that speed needs to be ticketed. 

I find the flow of traffic consistently and safely moving between 60 and 65 kilometres per hour or slightly slower when traffic is heavy. 

There is the odd person travelling above or below the flow that causes lane changes and potential problems. 

I do not have concerns when travelling along this stretch of road.

Bob Garnett