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Letters: Steveston Highway speed safe for a car, not bike

A Richmond News reader is taking motorists to task over their arrogance over speed limits on Steveston Highway
A Richmond News reader wants the RCMP to set up a dragnet for speeders on Steveston Highway

Dear Editor,

Re: “Steveston speeds not a concern,” Letters, April 1

A reader wrote that he has no concern about the speeding on Steveston Highway.

How typical this is of some motorists who seem to think city streets exist only for the benefit of cars.

Sure, the speeds the reader mentions are of no concern for those who sit safely inside their steel or aluminium cages, but these speeds can be deadly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Richmond has more than its share of fatal accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

If we don’t enforce speed limits, how can we expect people to take them seriously?

If some limits seem excessively low, then they should be reviewed and perhaps adjusted, but tolerating speeding as a matter of course seems unacceptable to me.

Joachim Achtzehnter


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