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Letters: So 'happy' to save water so my Richmond neighbours' lawns stay green

A Richmond News reader directs a little sarcasm towards her neighbours
lawn sprinklers

Dear Editor,

Here is a little neighbourly take on the current stage 2 water restrictions:

I am so happy that I am a good neighbour.

I wash my vegetables and the dirty water goes into my potted plants.

I throw my dogs stale drinking water into my potted plants as well.

I take shorter showers.

I flush the toilet every other time.

During the hot spell I watered my potted plants every other day and now I water 2-3 times a week.

I try to use as little water as possible.

Why do I do this ?

So my neighbours can water their lawns with their automatic water sprinklers at 10 pm at night, even if their home has been empty for months, and for neighbours to be able to wash their cars and their driveways.

I am so happy I am a good neighbour.

Leslie Young