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Letters: Safe injection site needed in Richmond

A Richmond News reader thinks the city should be doing more to help those with addictions
Safe injection site
Photo from Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press

Dear Editor,

“Concerns raised over lack of overdose prevention sites in Richmond,” Online, Sept. 24

I was pleased to see Mr. Mark Lee, who is running for city council, draw attention to the fact that Richmond has no overdose prevention sites.

I was appalled to see that Mayor Malcolm Brodie wouldn’t even discuss the issue when the Richmond News asked him — despite the fact that (at least) 22 of his own constituents have died from toxic drug overdoses during the first half of 2022!

Mark Lee has it right — it isn’t politically attractive to discuss the complex issue of addiction, usage and overdose prevention — and that is why our current mayor and council prefer to dodge the issue and “leave it to the health authority.”

Sure, the health authority plays an important role when it comes to addiction, but, when we examine the impact addiction is having within our community, it is our civic leaders who we should expect to be vocal and contribute towards a solution, not ignore the issue altogether.

Jason Tarnow