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Letters: Richmond hospice gives ‘authentic’ palliative care, not MAID

A Richmond News reader disagreed with out front page story a few weeks ago
Jenny Toone’s husband used medical assistance in dying after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Dear Editor,

Re: “MAID felt like ‘the right thing’ to do,” News, Feb. 23.

I was saddened as I read your front page headline “MAID at Home” in your paper. I grew further disheartened when I read the full page story of the decision to use MAID and the path taken.

I would have thought the headline “Rotary Hospice upholds its right to refuse MAID” would be better.

The purpose of hospices are to preserve authentic palliative care and allow patients to live their lives to their natural end.

They are beautiful respites for people of all faiths, where their pain is controlled and the family of the patient can be assured of good care.

Richmond only has the one hospice, which has a waiting list. There is a huge demand for hospice care and it’s rapidly growing as the population ages.

The hospice in Delta was forced to close for three months last year because it refused MAID.

How ridiculous that the government would essentially board up the beautiful building rather than give care to so many who wanted and needed it. How absurd the government would remove doctors and caregivers who wouldn’t go against their conscience to assist in MAID.

People who can access MAID in any other facility, or at home, should leave hospice care spaces to those who really need them.

There is a place for authentic palliative care and persons wishing it should have the guarantee of living out their full life if they wish it.

Cathy Karsgaard