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Letters: Richmond cyclist sees bike users, drivers not obeying the rules

A Richmond News reader thinks cyclists and motorists need to respect each other.
A Richmond News reader enjoys his daily ride from Steveston to Granville Island.

Dear Editor,

Re: "Letters: All Richmond road users need to obey the rules"

I have cycled on my road bike five days a week from Steveston to Granville Island the past 12 years and, on Sundays, I do a long ride in spring and summer.

I’m on my bicycle every day at 4.15 a.m. I need one hour of riding the both ways, but I don’t ride when we have snow and icy conditions.

I can see many situations on the road in general where I think many bicycle users need to understand and know the rules of the road and the cars need to respect bicycles lanes.

Cities need to be more active in cleaning bike lanes in the fall and, when it's raining, the bridges need better maintenance.

Anyway, I enjoy the ride everyday.

We need to respect each other - it’s that simple

Jerome Dudicourt


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