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Letters: Richmond councillor Greene sets good bylaw example

Dear Editor, Re: “ Expanding Richmond’s at-home business rules a ‘slippery slope:’ Mayor ,” online, Sept. 24.

Dear Editor,

Re: “Expanding Richmond’s at-home business rules a ‘slippery slope:’ Mayor,” online, Sept. 24.

It is often said there is one law or, in this case, bylaw for the rich and powerful and another for the ordinary citizen trying to make an honest  living. 

Councillor Kelly Greene, who is running provincially for the NDP in Richmond-Steveston, made a motion for the City of Richmond to look at the current bylaws around in-home businesses with a view to helping those (mainly women) who run craft  industries out of their home, such as making cloth masks in the pandemic for teachers, women and children.

This was summarily voted down by Mayor Malcolm Brodie, and the majority of other councillors including Linda McPhail and Alexa Loo, who is running for the Liberals in Richmond South Centre.

Mayor Brodie spoke of it being a “slippery slope” and not how we do things in Richmond.

I would like to ask our city council about the application or non-application of the same bylaws to the casino run for years on No. 4 Road in the ALR by an alleged money launderer. And don’t get me going on the birthing hotels, one of which ran next to my friend’s home on Bowcock Road for years.

Mary Phillips