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Letters: Reader criticizes 'misinformed' opinions in safe-consumption site feedback

A Richmond News reader is concerned that opposition to a proposed safe-consumption site is fuelled by ignorance.
Purple rocks painted by Steveston resident Karina Reid to commemorate Richmond residents killed by poisoned drugs.

Dear Editor,

Re: "Richmond council votes 8-1 to explore safe drug consumption site"

I think it's honestly quite insane how selfish and hateful people are, and you're just willingly putting their hatred out there in your "letters/opinion" pieces.

I feel like you as a news organization have a responsibility, if you're going to put out these regressive opinions, to show the actual facts alongside them.

Safe injection sites are a scientifically proven harm reduction method, and these people are acting like they actually have any idea what goes on in a safe injection site, and you're putting their opinions out there with zero pushback, further spreading their misinformed garbage.

Drug addicts are going to use drugs regardless. Would you rather them use them on the street in the open where they'll leave their needle on the road for someone else to potentially step on, potentially die of an overdose, and potentially share needles and get various diseases?

Or maybe, do you think it would be better to have a space where they won't be littering with dangerous things, they're ministered so they don't overdose, they are using clean needles to prevent the spread of disease, and they are being pressured into things like rehabilitation programs by on-site staff?

Conservatives need to stop pearl-clutching about things they are entirely uninformed on.

Skye Simicak


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