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Letters: Please flush the toilet, fellow Richmond residents

A letter writer is asking for better washroom etiquette.
A letter writer is asking people to be more respectful when using public washrooms.

Dear Editor,

This is a plea to all users of public washrooms and washrooms in cafes.

All washrooms in general, except those in your private home.

Please flush after use, wipe the seat if you have splashed or urinated on the seat.

I’m disgusted and frustrated that users of the washrooms listed above think they have no moral obligation to wipe the seat, flush or leave the toilet clean and usable for the next person.

I wish that this was a rare occurrence.

But both my wife and I run into this time and time again. My wife actually sees more of this inconsiderate behaviour than I do using women’s washrooms.

Please, people of Richmond, have a little decency.

Ron van Houten