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Letters: Opinions differ radically on Richmond News’ coverage of drag story time incident

Richmond News readers have very different opinions about the coverage of an anti-gay protest at a Hamilton Pride event.
Minoru Blvd Rainbow

Dear Editor,

Re: “Protesters mar family-friendly drag queen event in park” News “No fairytale ending for fascists,” Opinion, July 23

Please remove my address from your paper delivery.

After seeing your nonsense on gay pride week and bashing peaceful protest, I find your outfit repulsive.

Give your head a shake and wake up. Since when do trannies and drag queens have anything to do with children and family events?

Your editor is pathetic.

Greg Barry



Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Richmond News for publishing the picture of those two racist protesters on the front page of the newspaper.

Those two are a disgrace to mankind. They should be ashamed and embarrassed by their actions.

Plus, they are quite ignorant and don’t even know what “fascism“ means. Their poster does not make any sense.

Catherine Miller