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Letters: My team was featured in Richmond papers

Sports coverage in Richmond papers included letter writer and his father.
The Richmond News has gone fully digital - the last print edition came out on Nov. 30.

Dear Editor

I was a Richmond Review carrier for four years in the early 1980s. My route was where I grew up in South Arm by No. 4 Road and Steveston Highway. I remember delivering the Wed/Fri paper to about 40 homes and collecting 75 cents per month for the subscription.

I was featured in the “Keg Athlete of the Week” series that was in the sports section every Wednesday, and received a coupon to use at the Keg, where I later worked.

My father’s funeral was featured when he passed away in mid-April 2000 because many Richmond soccer people showed up to pay their respects for his volunteer coaching.

Don Fennell wrote a piece about his service and board work with the Richmond Soccer Association.

Don also wrote about my friends and my soccer team, the Richmond All-Blacks, that still plays in the RASA league.

My favourite article was about the predecessor to the All-Blacks, Certigard Impact, winning the Premier division cup in April/May of 1995.

It was the first time in 35 years that this had been done by a lower division team — the article title was something like “First time in 35 years Lower Division team wins the Richmond Cup.”

Michael Atkinson