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Letters: Let another city take the title of 'worst drivers'

Richmond has a Facebook group dedicated to bad driving.
Several readers have written to the Richmond News about bad driving in the city, offering tips for improvement. Richmond News file photo

Dear Editor,

We all love bragging rights, but to be known as the city with the worst drivers or have a Facebook Page - Richmond Learns to Drive or Park - is not something we should be proud of.

Richmond visitors should also have some parking and road courtesy.

I just have a few more to add to those submitted by Lilian Tiro and Ray Arnold.

1. Please, please respect disability designated parking spots. They are meant for drivers and/or passengers who have a disability by way of needing a wheelchair, walker, etc. If you are able-bodied, there are lots of parking stalls for you. It may not be as close to where you are headed to, but do think about others who are not fortunate to be able-bodied like you.

Disability parking spots are usually well marked with universal disability symbols and the disability meters are identified with blue meter heads as well as signs. This international symbol of disability consists of a white outline of a person sitting on a wheelchair on a blue background. The parking stalls are also usually painted with this international symbol. It may appear faded at times, but often it is still visible.

I would respectfully ask that landlords of strip malls and malls ensure that these painted signs get refreshed when in need/faded.

2 . When you are waiting to turn right or left, please do not wait until my car is about to approach you. This causes me to brake suddenly to avoid hitting you and your car.

3. Pedestrians /cyclists also need to obey/respect the pedestrian walking signals. Please wait till you see the signal that indicates it is safe to cross and when not to cross. There is nothing worse than a driver trying to make a right-hand turn and all of a sudden someone decides to cross the road at that very moment when the signal indicates it is not safe to walk.

Everyone of us plays a part in making our community safer for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. We can do this Richmond!

Let another city take the Worst Drivers’ Title!

Louise Yeoh


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