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Letters: I am not coming along for the digital ride

For 35 years, the Richmond News has been part of a letter writer's Thursday morning routine.
The Richmond News' last print edition came out on Nov. 30 and will now be fully online.

Dear Editor,

Re: "From paper to pixels: Richmond News founder sees bright digital future," Nov. 30

I, for one, do not see a bright future for me, in digital format of the paper.

I presently do not access my computer to sit and read the newspaper and I don't intend to do so going forward.

I'm afraid that you have lost me to your readership and I will of course miss out on community services, events and advertised products. 

I'll have to accept that and I hope that the City of Richmond also accepts that I won't be attending some of their community events.

The process of either sitting at a computer or scrolling through a mobile device is, in my opinion, not the same experience as sitting at the breakfast table with a cup of coffee, casually skimming through the pages of the newspaper, reading the articles of interest.

I stayed informed reading the News this way during my Thursday breakfast routine for the 35 years I have lived in Richmond.

By glancing through the community events planned, I was made aware of what was coming up and I could plan to attend some of these events.

It appears now I would have to be aware of the specific event so I could purposely search on a digital format for that specific event. 

The question is how do I initially become aware?

All the best with your new digital endeavour. Sorry, I won't be coming along on this trip. 

Dan Lemire


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