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Letters: Hugo the dog accuser in Richmond must learn

A Richmond News reader feels the person who accused Hugo’s owner of abuse should be taken to task by the law
Hugo was found to be just fine by the RCMP and the BCSPCA, despite a malicious campaign to sully the owner

Dear Editor,

As a lover of furry friends, both dogs and cats it really incensed me when I read about the slanderous allegations of abuse and neglect that Hugo was being subjected to — all of which were proven to be false upon investigation by the BC SPCA and RCMP.

There was a campaign of persecution with posters and social media posts and critics who showed up at the owner’s home.

The accusers might have some bias or an unresolved conflict with Hugo’s owner or may have even wanted to gain some notoriety with a prank which could have escalated violently.

But there is nothing funny nor harmless by what the accusers have done.

I really hope this accuser is held accountable.

Leslie Benisz