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Letters: Firearm regulations are outdated in Richmond

Dear Editor, Re: “Snow geese shooting sparks police presence,”, Nov. 11. Your story about a massive police raid on an ALR home adjacent to Steveston Highway highlights several issues that must be addressed by Richmond City Council.
police raid
There was a massive police presence outside a Richmond mansion on Wednesday around noon. Graeme Wood photo

Dear Editor,

Re: “Snow geese shooting sparks police presence,”, Nov. 11.

Your  story  about  a  massive  police  raid  on  an  ALR  home  adjacent  to  Steveston  Highway  highlights  several  issues  that  must  be  addressed  by  Richmond City  Council. 

As  a  neighbour, I  was  able  to  observe  the  assemblage  of  heavily  armed  officers  and  six  police  vehicles  for  several  hours  to  address  a  reported  shooting  for  geese ­— all  quite  legal  if  permits  are  in  place.

The  police  will  determine  any  malfeasance  in  this  case , but  the  point  is  the  misuse  of  police  resources  and  the  confusion  around  what  is  legal and  not  legal  regarding  the  discharge  of  firearms  in  Richmond. 

It  begs  the  question, what  are  the  Richmond  regulations  regarding  hunting  on  ALR  land?

 If  you  look  it  up, they  are  covered  by  Bylaw  4183,  which  has  not  been  updated  since  1983. Do  those  regulations  make  sense  in  2020?

The  hunting  area  in  question  borders  No. 5  Road, Steveston  Highway, Gilbert  Road  and  the  southern  dike —  an  arbitrary  zone  deemed  reasonable  in  the  early  eighties  before our  city  was  totally  transformed.

What  reasonable  Richmond  resident  thinks  long  guns  can  be  legally  discharged  a  hundred  metres  from  Steveston  Highway — whether  for  hunting  or  whatever? Clearly  the  local  regulations  need  to  be  updated , conforming  with  current  sensibilities , the  increased  residential  footprint  on  the  ALR, and  understood  by  Richmond  residents.

John Baines