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Letters: Dr. Henry is not the enemy

A Richmond News reader feels the angst regarding COVID-19 is being directed at the wrong target
Bonnie Henry
Dr. Bonnie Henry. (via Screenshot)

Dear Editor,

Re: “We need to hear from everyone,” Letters, Oct. 7

With regard to the recent letter concerning vaccination pros and cons.

Yes, I agree that anti-vaxxers be allowed to voice their opinions, but at the same time those who support all health rules and regulations should not be derided by those who refuse to follow the guidelines.

This is a public health issue not a personal choice issue.

If we are to overcome this current pandemic we should all pull in one direction.

Dr. Henry is not our enemy… she is an experienced and well-respected doctor who has managed an unprecedented crisis for almost two years.

She’s not in the business of forcing anyone to go against their beliefs, she’s in the business of keeping us all safe and in good health.

Let’s hope there are some positive-thinking people out there… we need positive thinking!!

Vaccines have been proven to be successful in eradicating so many previously life-threatening and often fatal diseases, COVID is no different. It’s a killer disease, and we have a chance to add it to that list. It might take another year, but if we all pull together hopefully we can beat it.

Enid Mason