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Letters: Daughter made friends with neighbours while delivering the News

Thanks for being accommodating with our daughter’s paper route, parents write.
Richmond News has gone fully digital.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this entry for the final print of the Richmond News.

My daughter has been delivering the Richmond News since 2015, she was seven years old at the time. She also has Down syndrome.

As parents, we wanted her to understand what it means to be responsible.

Her route started with over 100 papers and it took us about three hours to finish.

This was hard on us as parents with limited time to spare during our busy work week.

We requested for a shorter route just for the street we used to live on and it was accommodated. We are so thankful to the Richmond News for the opportunity in serving Lapwing Crescent over the years.

Our daughter has made friends with several neighbours on her route. They have been so kind to give her Christmas presents, birthday presents every year and even souvenirs from their vacation!

With immense gratitude, we wish the Richmond News all the best going forward in their new delivery format.

Patrick, Linda and Karina Wong


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