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Letters: Council candidates should know city limits

A Richmond News reader says council candidates should know what falls under the city's jurisdiction

Dear Editor,

Andy Hobbs is a needed voice of experience on city council.

In 2020, 39 per cent of our city budget went to police, fire and emergency services.

Given his career in law enforcement, Andy will bring valuable insight to these vital areas of community service, front-line experience that no other candidate or sitting councillor is equipped with.

Reading the other candidates’ heartfelt interests, one would think they have not studied the role, and the areas that the city actually has authority over.

While I applaud their intent, when you ask why they want to be a councillor and they respond with interests unrelated to the city’s authority, they are not ready for the job.

We have a mid-term election precisely for this reason.

Our otherwise well-meaning former councillor Kelly Greene discovered after winning your city vote that her ambitions lay in the purview of another level of government. The unfortunate result is a $700,000 by-election, money that should have been used for greater need.

I encourage people to study the areas that city councillors can actually impact before casting your vote. With 39 per cent of our budget directed to safety, it is an incredible opportunity when someone with a lifetime of relevant experience comes forward to help ensure it is money well spent.

Andy Hobbs is needed at the table. He has my vote.

Roy Oostergo