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Letters: Children got a buzz from our park

In a letter to the Richmond News, Richmond Garden Club's Linda Pasacreta writes Garden City Elementary students were sad to learn about vandalism of the beehives in Paulik Park
Some of Urban Bounty's (the new name of Richmond Food Security Society) beehives were knocked over recently in Paulik Park.

Dear Editor,

We recently had children from Garden City Elementary tour Paulik Park.

Richmond Garden Club adopted the maintenance of 1.5 acres of perennial garden beds. Along with community volunteers we work very hard on keeping the gardens beautiful for our visitors.

The children had heard about the vandalism with the beehives in the park. On three occasions someone kicked over the very active hives. Finally, the beekeeper moved the hives out of the park. The children were sad and distraught that someone would do this.

During our tour we taught the children how bees and other pollinators are important to our survival. They learned that one-third of the food we eat comes from bees and other pollinators.

The children returned with lovely hand-drawn posters, which are now hanging in the park where the hives used to be.

Folks, listen to your kids. They understand the value of taking care of nature!

Linda Pasacreta