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Letters: Cheers to the vaccine passport players

A Richmond News reader says they appreciate seeing restaurants following vaccine passport rules
BC Vaccine card

Dear Editor,

Re: “Who’s enforcing the vaccine passport?” News, Sept. 23.

With regards to the article (above), I’d like to share that restaurants in Steveston Village are certainly committed to meticulously checking the vaccine passport.

On a bright, sunny Saturday morning we were scheduled to meet up with a friend at Kove Kitchen at Steveston’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

Looking forward to a hearty brunch with harbour side views, we’d booked a table for four in advance. It was only when we were about to enter the restaurant, that was doing roaring business, that we noticed the sign that mentioned you have to show your vaccine passport at the door.

It was at that moment that my guest realized that he had two phones — an office one and a personal phone, with the vaccine passport saved on his office phone since he used it everyday, at work in the hospitality business.

Much to my friend’s embarrassment when I asked the lady at the restaurant if we could enter, considering he was double vaccinated but had forgotten to carry the right phone where the passport was saved, we were categorically told that we were not allowed.

Honestly, we appreciated it though our dining plans were cancelled and we ended up with a fish and chips takeaway instead.

Lots of other restaurants on the wharf had the same sign asking for vaccine passports, and going from the number of people  dining that day, it looks like most are carrying their vaccine passports.

As for us, it was a lesson learned. Don’t leave home without your mask, sanitizer and, of course, a vaccine passport. And yes, did I mention a mobile phone, with the document saved on it?

Farida Master


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