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Letters: Cheer up, Canada, it's not all that bad

A Richmond News reader is urging Canadians to look on the bright side

Dear Editor,

At a time when most Canadians are very worried about our housing crisis and high cost of living, comes the news that Canada is the second-best country to live in the world.

Recent media reports indicate that a conglomerate of various agencies in the U.S made this worldwide survey possible.

Around 17,000 people living in 87 countries were surveyed between March and June of this year and Canada came second to Switzerland as the second-best country to live in.

This country’s agility, quality of life and commitment to social justice were some of the top qualities favouring Canada.

In these rather depressing times, this gives Canadians a reason to cheer up.

Well done, Canada!

Balwant Sanghera