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Letters: Carrier's family did paper route for 14 years

Being paid to deliver Richmond News newspapers was just part of the reward — the real reward was belonging to the community, says letter writer.

Dear Editor,

Re: "Richmond News founder sees bright digital future," News, Nov. 30

I just want to say thank you for giving me the job of delivering your newspaper. My family has had the route for about 14 years — I took over from my older sister Dahlia.  

When we moved to the neighbourhood, my dad encouraged us to get a paper route.  

He had one when he was young, so this was something that he felt we could do.

He helped us open our first bank account when the paper route started.

I’ve had great neighbours who would give me a cold drink on hot days. A treat at Christmas and even just a “hi” and "thank you" was appreciated.

There’s something about holding the newspaper in your hand. The smell and the flip of the paper wondering what’s on the next page.

Using the old paper to wrap and line the fruit box. We used it to wrap presents.

Mostly, it’s the community it brings. When a newspaper is delivered, it shows that we matter to be informed.

Technology is great and all, yet I can’t help but think that as many will go online to read the news, there are those that may not.

Thank you for letting me hold on to the job. It was something I looked forward to — taking a walk in the neighbourhood with our dog Mabel. 

The pay was just a part of the reward. 

The real reward was belonging to the community.

Carson Fast


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