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Letters: Carrier and mom reminisce about delivering the Richmond News

Delivering the newspaper helped a mother and son bond throughout the seasons.
The Richmond News' last print edition was on Nov. 30.

Dear Editor,

When my son and I were about to leave for the newspaper delivery today, we found the letter between the piles of newspapers mentioning the end of the publishing.

We went silent for a bit after we read it.

Along the way of the delivery that day, we talked about the memories of delivering the newspaper for over two years.

Bringing a shovel along and shovelling as we walked through the heavy snow. Covering our cart with a vinyl sheet to protect newspapers from getting wet while we got very wet on rainy days.

Chasing after the blown away newspapers on a windy day. Talking about which house we liked. Witnessing the house constructions one after another.

Admiring the sunset, cherry blossoms, autumn leaves.

Finding a sweet surprise of a Christmas present in the reader’s mailbox.

Looking back, it has been a wonderful bonding time for me with my son, and I enjoyed accumulating my steps.

As for my son, he discovered the excitement of earning money and spending it on his hobbies.

Thank you for providing us a great experience and unforgettable memories.

Marie and Yoann Kawai