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Letters: Bring back the cohesive Richmond of years ago

Letter writer wonders if Richmond is becoming a city of 'wackadoodles'
People came out on Family Day to the Richmond Cultural Centre to protest a motion by city council supporting a supervised consumption site.

Dear Editor,

Re: "'No drugs in Richmond': Protest held on Family Day"

Is Richmond becoming a city of wackadoodles? 

We have people protesting against something that is not happening. 

We have a local candidate demanding that elected officials rescind a motion. 

Is this the type of person we want representing us in Victoria? 

We need to unite and fight to bring back the Richmond of 30 years ago. 

Do we remember the Richmond that was cohesive and not divisive? 

Do we remember the Richmond where people cared about each other? 

We need to bring it back.

Joanne Teraguchi