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Letter: Why are EV owners treated like 'second-class' citizens?

Unlike gas car owners, electric vehicle owners have to pre-load their card/apps, this Coquitlam letter writer states.
EV charging
Electric vehicle being charged.

The Editor,

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, I am wondering why all the electricity providers insist that EV car owners pre-load their card/apps before they will let us get our fuel.

Car owners that use gasoline can just tap their bank/credit cards and get the fuel.

I now have four different companies that will provide electricity for my EV, but each requires that I pre-load their card/app before they will let me fill up.

Some require that I have a minimum balance of $50 or the pump won't work.

This is really outrageous!

At the moment, I only use BC Hydro stations. Who has the money to provide all the different companies with their minimum balance? 

Then, there is the keeping track of it all.

I personally don't do any banking on my cell phone nor plan to in the future.

I feel that EV owners are being treated as second-class people.

Every store that I go into has the ability for me to use my bank/credit card. Every gas station has that available at the pump.

So what is the problem with the EV electricity providers?

- Pamela Cropper, Coquitlam