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Letter: Where is Wilson Miao?

The rookie Richmond MP is conspicuous by his absence, according to one Richmond News reader
Rookie Liberal candidate Wilson Miao unseated four-time Tory MP Alice Wong in last fall's federal election.

Dear Editor,

 I am a resident of Richmond. I’ve been trying to connect with my MP, Wilson Miao.

However, I’ve noticed he is conspicuously absent.

According the Parliament of Canada website, he has no local constituency office, only an Ottawa phone number (which is never answered), a generic email also not answered.

I’ve even tried to message him on Facebook, which has also been unsuccessful.

I would love to see the Richmond News do a story on this.

How can a local MP and representative of Richmond not have an obvious presence here, not be open to meeting or connecting with constituents?

How can he represent our concerns and needs if he is not willing to find out what these issues even are?

It is ridiculous to me. This was not an issue when Alice Wong (who I did not vote for) was in office.

Would this be something you might be willing to follow up?

Kevin Krygier


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