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Letter: Money abound for Olympic museum, but not historic church

Dear Editor, Re: “History needs helping hand,” Letters, Richmond News, June 23, 2017.
thrift church
As a historic building and former church, the Richmond Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop in Steveston deserves funding to be restored, says letter writer Kira Hogarth-Davis. Photo submitted

Dear Editor,

Re: “History needs helping hand,” Letters, Richmond News, June 23, 2017.

I read with stunned shock that the little old church in Steveston, the one that houses the Richmond Hospital Volunteer Thrift Shop, which raises money for much-needed equipment at Richmond Hospital, is in dire need of funds to keep the integrity of the building sound and operating and has had to reach out to a funding page for support.

What is wrong with this city and its council? We pour endless funds, millions of dollars into the Richmond Olympic Oval, the new Minoru pool, and, oh, let’s not forget about that Olympic Museum, least to mention sending council members off on sister city adventures.

And yet, we cannot sustain the little church in the most historic part of Richmond, the occupants of which do the most amazing work to help our city, its hospital and citizens.

A recent exterior restoration was done on Minoru Chapel, the one the city rents out for big bucks for weddings, in the heart of Richmond. And, as usual, it is within that golden ring of city hall spending. Yet, good old church and charity has to start a “Fund Me” page to get an historic building restored to occupancy standards. 

What is wrong with Richmond city hall? Everything.

Brodie and crew, you keep taking all the dollars that the endless movie shoots that Steveston provides; the tourist dollars that Once Upon A time fans drop into the city’s coffers. Now it is pay-back time and the little building and its volunteers that do such great work supporting Richmond Hospital need some help. Write a cheque, and do something that counts in Steveston, instead of using it as a backdrop to events like maritime festivals and movie shoots.   

Roidon Lamb


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