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Letter: If not weed, why mansions on ALR in Richmond?

Dear Editor: Re: “City of Richmond aims to weed out pot on farmland,” News , May 17.
farm house alr
A typical new farm house in Richmond, BC is over 10,000-square-feet. February, 2017.

Dear Editor:

Re: “City of Richmond aims to weed out pot on farmland,” News, May 17.

I find it totally incomprehensible that Richmond council has as one of its reasons: “Richmond city councillors have long opposed marijuana facilities on farmland for a number of reasons, including a concern that increased pot cultivation will squeeze out other produce.”

And yet they are permitting “farm houses” with a square footage of 10,764 sq. ft. with an additional dwelling unit of 3,000 sq. ft. with no mention of the allowance for farm related equipment storage (just how large is permissible?).

Most of the “farm houses” that are being built in Richmond have landscaping by a local concrete company or paving company where there is little green space, let alone any method of allowing rain water to be absorbed under the pad.  How does this not squeeze out production of produce?

The covering of some of the best agricultural land in the province by green houses, massive residential structures, huge expanses of hardscape is, in my opinion, an incredible waste of potential. Commercial sized greenhouses should be limited to marginal lands and not land that could be (and historically has been) quite productive.

In the upcoming fall municipal election, I will cast my vote for those politicians that stand up for the preservation of farmland.

Paul J. Tombu