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Letter: Canucks fans, let's cherish every moment of these playoffs

The Vancouver Canucks current playoff run is helping a New Westminster resident reminisce about his hockey-playing days.
Vancouver Canucks centre J.T. Miller celebrates a goal against the Edmonton Oilers in Game 1 of their second-round series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Editor:

Why do we lose our minds for hockey? 

It's fast, gripping, unpredictable; I love when a player comes up out of nowhere and is thrust into the spotlight.

There are so many stories sub plots and tense moments. It's a rush. We kind of live on the edge.

We commit ourselves, purchase a jersey and throw it on like we're actually playing in the big game.

I work around lots of people who are so excited and some had never even seen a game before.

First game I watched was at a pizza restaurant. Some patrons inside were Turkish, and they were loving it.

I played hockey in the minor system, and then in the beer league to realize playing for the Stanley Cup will not be my reality.

Maybe this is the closest thing. It feels exciting. Before the games, I'm nervous.

Yes, hockey has been in my life and has brought me and my brothers closer at times. My sister even talks hockey and knows some stats. It's so cool.

This time, I'm trying to be more positive. I pray (a lot) and it makes me think of my playing days when I scored the winning goal.

Well, we better enjoy it. If even we lose, remember the moments and the magic.

Go Canucks Go!

- David Williams, New Westminster