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It's city centre's turn for recreation

Let staff, councilors hear our needs for community centre at forum

The Editor,

Over the past decade, the city centre has seen most of the city's population increase, but few additional recreation spaces.

As City Centre Community Association directors, we were successful six years ago when explaining the need for a proper community centre for downtown residents, and the concept of walking /transit downtown.

We were listed as the city's number one recreation priority.

We then saw the city's entire priority list brushed aside by council in order to spend $180 million on an Olympic oval where few people live.

It costs twice as much for programs than many other centres and isn't within walking distance of all downtown residents living east of city hall.

We waited six more years.

Finally, with construction of the Quintet, there is opportunity for a downtown community centre, to be complemented by a new Trinity Western University campus with the possibility that they can share some facilities to the benefit of both.

The city has a design charrette for it at the Kwantlen end of Lansdowne Mall this Thursday to Saturday afternoons.

Come ensure they hear your needs.

Peter Mitchell