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Crime bill political not practical

The Editor, Re: "Public backs crime bill: Findlay," News, Dec. 14.

The Editor,

Re: "Public backs crime bill: Findlay," News, Dec. 14.

The Harper Conservatives have been told many times, and under no uncertain terms, that the majority of those of us who work in law enforcement, the legal profession, the judiciary, academics or are social workers by trade, do not support the Harper Conservatives on the bulk of the C-10 crime bill.

The evidence does not support the government's case in any number of areas. Even Judge Melvin Nunn, whose study the bill is based on, thinks the government is going way too far. And where similar laws have been imposed, notably in the U.S., it has failed - and expensively so.

Taxpayers will be forced to deal with not only the short term bills, but the long term negative effects of this very short-sighted legislation. This crime bill may appeal to the Conservative party's lesser informed voter base, who largely tend towards baser instincts and a meaner ideology, but the government of the day should be practicing evidentiary decision making and not playing with peoples' fears all for the sake of votes.

This government should also be attempting to at least have some degree of respect and civility for democratic due process. That includes experts at all levels and input from the other political parties who do in fact represent the real majority of Canadians - something the Harper Conservative MPs conveniently forget all too often.

Dale Jackaman


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